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My Favorite Outfits from the #spring30for30

I did a recap post here of all of my outfits from the April #spring30for30, but I wanted to followup with my favs. Three of the outfits took me beyond my usual daily effort, and the other two are in my "at home/errands" comfort zone.

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New Name & Clothing Labels at - Review

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Kids are always on the go with school and activities, and custom labels are a great way to add their names to their items. has a new line of customizable labels with different colour ways and designs. Names, phone numbers, and other details can be added to the labels, and the labels can be put on clothes, containers, supplies, bottles, sports equipment, and more.

Recap of the April 2016 #spring30for30

Another closet remix challenge has come and gone, and for the #spring30for30 my challenge to myself was to do some new hair styles. I always put my hair in a bun to keep it out of my face all day, but this time I added some side braids, buns, and twists into the mix.

I feel that clothes have nothing to do with who we are [and they shouldn't define us], but sometimes it's fun to wear some colour and prints. I understand draping and construction, and I get why some people are really into clothing/accessories and shopping. As I said with the #moms30for30 challenge, "Fashion should be utilitarian or fun - depending on your perception."

Shopping and filling my closet was a fun past time for me, but in recent years I've decided to only shop when I need to replace items due to the wear and tear of motherhood. I can no longer justify buying clothes and shoes to just sit in a closet - I will no longer add more "stuff" to my home.

From my little shared closet [with my husband] I selected 30 items to rotate for the 30 days of the #spring30for30. Some days my outfits were very casual and others I dressed up a little more - depending on the day's activities. Here are my #spring30for30 outfits for April:

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Watch the Birdie! & How the Crayons Saved the Rainbow - Book Review

Little Maddie loves to curl up with books and have us read the stacks that she gathers...usually they're 8 books high. Now we have 2 new books that she's added to her stacks. As I read each book to her the first time she was a little nervous with suspense...she really liked both, and asked me to re-read them many times.

From Sky Pony Publishing:

Watch the Birdie, by Nancy Cote (ages 3-6):

"When a baby bird falls from its nest, what's a little mouse to do?"

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Mousey saw a baby birdie fall from a tree and knew that he was too small to help the birdie on his own. He spotted a cat nearby and enlisted the help of various critters and animals...but the frog was too slippery and the birdie fell off...the bunny was too furry and tickly and birdie fell off...and snail was too slow so birdie fell asleep and fell off.

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