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Monday, November 09, 2015

Live Clean: Products For the Whole Family

"From the very beginning, Live Clean was about family. With their first six products - three shampoos and three conditioners - Live Clean defined itself as the Canadian brand that would take natural, eco-friendly products out of the health food stores and formulate them for all of us. The result has been earth-conscious products that are equally and wonderfully efficacious."

The following products have, "...risen to the top with Canadian consumers", and include a new product for babies. With the holiday season coming up these products would be great stocking stuffers for the whole family.

The Twelve Days of Christmas in Canada - Children's Book Review

Ruminating Mommy 2015, The Twelve Days of Christmas in Canada book review

Over here in Canada we have our own versions of 'The Twelve Days of Christmas'. 'The Twelve Days of Christmas in Canada' is a great book for children to celebrate Canadiana and to learn more about Canada. (The adult version would be the song from Bob & Doug...) Written by Ellen Warwick and illustrated by Kim Smith, 'The Twelve Days of Christmas in Canada' includes many items and animals that people may think of when picturing life in Canada.

"When Juliette spends Christmas with her cousin Theo in Canada, she is in for a delightful surprise. Not only does Theo have a special gift for each of the twelve days of Christmas, he also has quite an itinerary planned. From St. John's, Newfoundland, the easternmost city in North America, to the Enchanted Forest Holiday Light Tour at the Saskatoon Forest Farm Park and Zoo, Grace's vacation is jam-packed with exciting trips that teach her all about the country."

Sunday, November 08, 2015

Portable Coloring for Creative Adults - Book Review

I've been spending some of my evening down time - of which I don't have a lot - listening to music and colouring...and maybe drinking some wine. Skyhorse Publishing has put out the 'Portable Coloring for Creative Adults' series in which there are four different themed books to choose from - 'Calming Patterns', 'Sea Life', 'Natural Wonders', and 'Flying Wonders'. I've been using the Calming Patterns book which is full of mandalas, flora, bird, and butterfly motifs. Ava likes the Sea Life book because it's full of fish, critters, coral, whales, dolphins, and starfish.

Thursday, November 05, 2015

StickerKid: Labels - Review

Little Maddie is loves going to Preschool, and I've labelled all of her items with personalized stickers from Stickerkid so that her things don't get mixed up with any one else's. 

She has stickers with puppies and her name in her shoes and boots; kitties and her name are on all of her clothes, jackets, and backpack; and her stainless water bottle and school items have stickers with elephants on them. We have everything covered, plus Maddie was happy to put some of the stickers in her sticker book.