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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

My Clothing Selection for #moms30for30: July 2015 edition

I crawled into the depths of my closet and made it out in one piece (oh, it's not a walk-in).... Looking through my drawers and hanging space I narrowed down my selection to mostly basic pieces. Wearing any form fitting clothing and shoes other than flats just won't get me through my days of crafts, pool/beach time, slurpees, packing up our place, moving to Squamish, and exploring our new city.

I may have considered packing while wearing high heels if I didn't have kids and wanted some fabulous Instagram photos....

So here are most of my picks:
(In addition to the 2 pairs of shorts I just mentally added to my list, I can still add 4 more items - and I might switch some out before midnight....)

With the heat wave, I may end up wearing shorts a lot. I tried to mix up my choices in case we get some cooler rainy weather along the way, but at the same time I wanted light weight items for the Squamish portion of July.

What I noticed while going through my closet:
* I have lots of jeans...lots
* I have very few prints and most are pants
* My basic wardrobe is truly basic
* All of my tops are neutrals or pink (with the exception of a couple of printed
* Some of my shirts match my bedroom decor (white & coral)

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Monday, June 29, 2015

Day 1 of Packing With A Busy 3 Year Old:

The countdown is on, and today I started packing for our upcoming move to Squamish.

I gave Maddie a few boxes to pack and re-pack her toys and books - thinking that would keep her occupied, but clearly I was wrong....

While I packed up 6 boxes she:
- coloured the white toy cabinets purple (thankfully with a washable marker)
- painted the office desk and herself with vanilla yogurt
- removed items from the boxes as I packed them, and I didn't realize until after I taped them shut
- put items into the boxes as I packed them, and I didn't realize until after I taped them shut
- emptied all of the Lego into the five drawers of the office desk (the stickers covering
  the drawers are from a different day when I tried to clean the house)
- got into my earrings and distributed them around the house

Tomorrow I may attempt more packing so we'll see how that goes.... 

Sunday, June 28, 2015

My Summer 2015 Wardrobe Remix Challenge: #moms30for30

For July, I'm going to take part in the #moms30for30 challenge, and I'll have to remix the same 30 clothing items for 30 days.

I don't ever wear yoga pants, sweat pants, or runners, but my uniform tends to be a t-shirt and jeans. Unfortunately, my shirts usually have paint (sometimes permanent) or food on them from my 3 year old. I guess I should scour my closet for what I want to have as my 30 items... I'm always purging what doesn't fit - or what's ruined - so we'll see what I have to work with.

This wardrobe remix will also challenge me to use my accessories - I rarely wear jewellery unless it's a night out. (With the amount of daily dishes and hand washing I just don't bother wearing any jewellery...even my wedding rings.)

Unless I'm going to an event or for a night out, I don't dress up because I spend all day with my girls. I've felt a pull in the last year to simplify my possessions and through this challenge I want to show appreciation for what I have. I can still have outfits that look pulled together even with simple basic items.

I'm the role model for my daughters, and I want them to understand that it doesn't matter how we dress up our outer self. Our real selves have nothing to do with what we buy or what we wear.

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Choose 30 items of clothing that you already own and wear them for 30 days - mix them up to make 30 different outfits (accessories, shoes, jackets and sports wear aren't included).

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We all have different ideas about dressing, and different reasons for participating in this challenge - what are yours?

My Yellow Balloon - Book Review

We've all experienced loss on some level and the children's book 'My Yellow Balloon' could be a great tool to help children understand and deal with their difficult emotions. Author and speaker Tiffany Papageorge wrote 'My Yellow Balloon', and she says, "Loss is a universal human experience...And I believe it is our greatest teacher to lead us to who we ultimately are. My Yellow Balloon is truly about the growth and transformation that happens to us through our human experience."

I read 'My Yellow Balloon' with the girls and each had different reasons to connect with the book. Maddie had literally just lost a helium balloon to the wind and had to watch it float away...and Ava had a couple of fish pass away recently.