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The EHT Supplement Has Changed My Life

improved memory, post concussion symptoms, anxiety, depression, migraines, boost immune system, headaches, musings, weight loss, improved sleep

Nerium EHT promotes better cognitive function, increases focus and mental alertness, improves mood & boosts the body’s immune system.

In my personal experience after taking the EHT supplement everyday for the last 30 days:
* Seizure improvement: I've only had 5 aura seizures - I would normally have 30-50 aura seizures in a 30 day period
*My concussion symptoms alleviated within a week (I bumped my head the week before I started taking EHT)
* I have no more head thickness/mental fuzziness from hypothyroidism
* I haven't had any headaches - I suffer from regular headaches/migraines

I'm an Independent Brand Partner with Nerium - for more info on the EHT supplement email me ( or contact me at:

I Am Not This Body

My belief is that we’re more than a body.

In the last two years I’ve gained 30 pounds from stress and hypothyroidism...and I’ll keep the challenges private but I’m opening up about my weight. I don’t believe that I am this body, and at the same time I’m surrounded and slammed with body images in the media.

Tones for Tots: A Fusion Family of Products - Paint Review

kids decor, decor, #green, Zero VOC

We've mostly unpacked our new house and Maddie has some vintage furniture for her new bedroom that needed a little love. Yesterday we set up a painting station on the driveway and set to work. We used colours from the new Tones for Tots line from Fusion Mineral Paint.

I wanted to use a safer paint for Maddie's room and I like that the Tones for Tots line has zero VOC's. The subtle colours of the line are: Little star (yellow), Little Speckled Frog (green), Little Teapot (teal), Little Whale (blue) Little Lamb (grey), Little Piggy (pink), and Little Stork (lavender).

My Nerium morning routine....

With two kids barging into the bathroom when I'l trying to get ready every morning I've streamlined my routine. All I do now is use these Nerium products: 

*EHT - I take this brain supplement and I'm having great results with my concussion - no more symptoms. I usually have an aura seizure everyday and in the 7 days that I've been taking EHT I haven't had a seizure. Also I feel more motivation throughout my day. 

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