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My First Two Rounds of the 21 Day Fix Are Completed and I'm Now On Round Three....

Jenny Lutes

I've just started my third round of the "21 Day Fix" with the eating plan and Shakeology, and I feel more like my old self.
(I wrote about my 30 pound weight gain in my post "I Am Not This Body".) Exercise has never mattered to me, but for the past 6 weeks I've made sure to get a workout in every morning before I do anything else.

When I first started Maddie joined me and followed along saying, "This is really hard Mommy. You can do it." Ava occasionally walked by and said, "You're doing that wrong." when I was modifying the planks...which I still do. The puppy now barks at me because she can't figure out what I'm doing. This is the reality of motherhood - we have to take time to take care of ourselves regardless of what's going on around us.

I Am Not This Body

My belief is that we’re more than a body.

In the last two years I’ve gained 30 pounds from stress and hypothyroidism...and I’ll keep the challenges private but I’m opening up about my weight. I don’t believe that I am this body, and at the same time I’m surrounded and slammed with body images in the media.

Tones for Tots: A Fusion Family of Products - Paint Review

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We've mostly unpacked our new house and Maddie has some vintage furniture for her new bedroom that needed a little love. Yesterday we set up a painting station on the driveway and set to work. We used colours from the new Tones for Tots line from Fusion Mineral Paint.

I wanted to use a safer paint for Maddie's room and I like that the Tones for Tots line has zero VOC's. The subtle colours of the line are: Little star (yellow), Little Speckled Frog (green), Little Teapot (teal), Little Whale (blue) Little Lamb (grey), Little Piggy (pink), and Little Stork (lavender).

Goodbye To My Tired Eyes! Exclamation Mark.

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I've been staying up late unpacking from our move and I had only a few hours of sleep last night....

This morning I used my Nerium Age-Defying Eye Serum and 5 minutes later I had my upper eyelids back. My under eye skin is smoother and my overall colouring looks better. I can't wait to see how my eyes look after a month of using the serum.

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